Leg 2 - Exceat to Bo Peep Detail

Leg 2: Exceat to Bo Peep

These instructions only relate to the new route from Exceat to the White Bridge east of Alfriston where the new route rejoins the traditional route.



  • From changeover uphill to gate.


  • Follow route through woodland descending 'steps' to Westdean


  • Continue straight on to track leading out of Westdean


  • Climb up into Friston Forest following SDW finger posts and arrows

It is possible to take a wrong path during the next mile, so... RECCE BEFOREHAND!


  • After descending (incl. steps) you will begin climbing again and enter more open countryside following the edge of a large field.


  • Continue down into Littlington village


  • Where the footpath ends turn right towards main road (see photo and view after turning left)


  • At main road turn right, after 20 metres or so look for SDW finger post (hidden!!) on your left.


  • Continue down footpath and turn right at the end.


  • Follow signposts and route to White Bridge

Another description of leg 2 by Liz Halliday


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